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Hygiene, Grooming & Bathing Help from a Caregiver from Comfort Keepers in Peekskill, NY

Comfort Keepers caregiver can create an individual care plan for every senior based on their needs and preferences.

Aging is a process that’s accompanied by diminishing physical strengths and mobility. The result is that often seniors have problems with taking care of the tasks necessary for ensuring personal hygiene. On top of that, many seniors have certain chronic conditions that make those tasks even more difficult to do.

Not being able to take proper care of their own hygiene can be devastating for seniors. It can lead to emotional conditions like depression. But, apart from having a bad impact on their emotional state, it can also ruin their physical health. Some of the most common consequences of improper personal care include skin problems and infections.

To prevent all of these problems, the seniors have several options in front of them. One is to ask their friends or family members to help them out. For most seniors, such a scenario is out of the question because it can take a toll on their dignity.

Another option is to move to a nursing home, where professionals would assist them with personal care tasks like grooming and bathing. The problem is that there aren’t many seniors who would like to say farewell to their own home, in which they spent the best days of their lives.

Comfort Keepers Caregivers are the Solution

There’s an alternative that can ensure the senior’s hygiene, as well as their independence. Instead of moving to an old people’s home or asking their family members to help out, the senior can get all the help they need from professional caregivers.

Comfort Keepers are at disposal of seniors living in Peekskill, NY for literally any task related to their personal hygiene, including things like bathing, showering, shaving, grooming, makeup application, and even toileting. Whatever the senior needs, Comfort Keepers can provide!

The best thing is that all of the services provided by Comfort Keepers are designed to keep the senior’s dignity intact. Our caregivers are professionals who know how to deal with sensitive subjects such as personal hygiene assistance. They’ll do all in their power to make sure everything’s done without causing any pain or discomfort to the senior.

Apart from helping with maintaining the senior’s personal hygiene, Comfort Keepers can help out with many other things. In fact, the list of the services our senior caregivers can provide is so long that it’s best to give us a call if you would like to learn more about them.

You can get in touch with our caregivers in Peekskill, NY by calling 914-734-2616.


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